Daily Prompt: Deplete

Her battery was depleting fast. This didn’t bode well. It was the setting of every low budget horror film: girl gets stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, with no phone battery… and this forest was getting creepier by the minute. The sun sank lower in the sky, its rays casting a blood red glow through the branches as she hurriedly tried to navigate her way back to the carpark. Time to stop thinking about horror films, she decided. Rainbows, butterflies, unicorns. If only she hadn’t left the map in the car – what a rookie error. And now, stuck with nothing but Google Maps to rely on, she had 5% battery. Brilliant. She stared at the screen, trying to memorise the route just in case. A twig snapped behind her. She wheeled around. Nothing. Just an animal, she told herself, laughing at her own over-reaction.



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