Daily Prompt: Juxtapose


I place my tiles carefully on the board, trying to contain my glee. First the J, then the U  – X – T, and finally the A, which I line up onto that coveted sky-blue square with utmost precision. He’d thought he had me. He had been so proud of himself for turning ‘posit’ into ‘position’ that he hadn’t stopped to consider that I might have the audacity to go one better. Granted, it had taken a while for me to put this plan into action – carefully saving up my valuable tiles over umpteen nothing-much turns, lulling him into a false sense of security as his lead slowly grew. But now, as I carefully adjusted that final A, moving it a millimetre to the left, I see the realisation slowly dawn on him. My comeback is swift, my victory complete. Eighty four points, and the game is mine.



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